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The world of online bingo is a fast growing, fun exciting one, with new bingo sites popping up almost every day. For those who are new to the new bingo online games or just want to feel more confident about choosing the cream of the crop of the new bingo sites, here are some of the top FAQs answered to steer you in the right direction.

1.Who is behind the new bingo site?

To feel secure before registering on a new bingo site you should be able to find easily a background to whom iks behind the site. If this is not available to you then think twice about registering.

2.How secure are new bingo sites?

Like anything you do online, you want to check the security measures that the site has in place. Look for how advanced their encryption technology is so that you can feel that your personal and credit card information will be securely private and confidential. Also if the site has firewall protection which will ensure that both your information and their games are secure. Finally that they do not store your credit card information on a database.

3.What kind of depositing options are available to you?

You will ideally want a good range of depositing options available to you, such as Visa/Mastercard, Solo, Maestro, Switch, Moneybookers, Ukash, ClickandBuy etc.

4.How will you get paid if you win?

This is a very important question of course. The new bingo sites should explain how often that they process withdrawal requests, which in some cases can be two times per week. The amount of your winnings will normally be entered into your account immediately after a confirmed bingo, and then you should be able to make a withdrawal request when you wish. These requests should then be confirmed, approved and processed and sent to you by whichever method you select.

If the withdrawal is over a certain amount, in some cases, 1000 pounds it must be accompanied by a picture and quote from the player.

5.Is there a limit to how much you can play, withdraw or deposit?

The majority of good new bingo sites will allow you to play as much or as little as you like. They will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Many will have a minimum deposit level, often around 10 pounds. Some may also limit new players to a certain amount of a daily maximum, perhaps around 300 pounds. To increase this you would make a request via the support team.

6.What happens if your internet connection goes while you are playing?

Good bingo sites should have this occurence covered. If you are looking for some independent advice on which sites are the best to play then . If this happens in a game where you have already purchased bingo cards for a reason like this, your cards will continue to play as if you are still logged into the game. Naturally if your ticket wins you will get your winnings. This means that when you log back in you will be able to check your account history and see if you won.

Competition is high amongst bingo sites and we see this year online bingo is continuing to grow with new bingo sites opening every month.

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